WFUNA: Statement on the Grave Situation in Syria

The Executive Committee of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), elected by non-partisan civil society organizations in over 110 countries, is deeply concerned over the grave loss of life in Syria and expresses solidarity with the citizens of Syria who are confronting daily atrocities.

Recognizing the difficulty of the situation in Syria we call upon all parties to the United Nations, and in particular the United Nations' Security Council, to take their role in preventing and halting mass violence seriously by seeking a multi-lateral solution to the conflict in a timely and decisive manner. In support of an immediate ceasefire we urge all parties to engage in peaceful negotiations to achieve a resolution for sustainable peace.

Calling for all parties to the United Nations to increase humanitarian efforts to reduce the further loss of life in Syria and neighboring countries we request the United Nations to secure humanitarian aid and full humanitarian services to the targeted victims of the Syrian civil war.

Noting the grave risk of the loss of credibility of the United Nations we urge the Member States of the United Nations' Security Council to find an effective and immediate resolution to the conflict. We strongly support the United Nation's Joint Representative for Syria Mr. Brahimi in continuing and enhancing the diplomatic efforts of the United Nations to find such resolution to the conflict.

We, the people's movement of the United Nations, underscore the importance of civil society's contributions to the removal of obstacles to peace and security and urge all parties to ensure increased civil society engagement in the conflict resolution process.