The primary goals and functions for the UN Association in 2010–2015 are defined as follows:

The purpose of the Association as a national central organization is to make known the goals and principles of the United Nations and to support the actions of the organization, thus promoting international understanding and peaceful cooperation between all peoples.

In order to achieve these purposes the Association educates, communicates, publishes, and takes an active role in society. The Association supports the activities of locally registered UN Associations.

To support its activities financially, UNA Finland may hold raffles and fundraisers, accept donations and wills, and own property necessary for its functions.

The Mission and Vision of UNA Finland

The Mission

The UN Association provides education for global responsibility:
– Global education is the primary service provided by UNA Finland

The UN Association is a reliable source of information:
– Reliability refers to regular, accurate and punctual news

The UN Association is a competent agent:
– The competence of both office employees and persons elected to positions of trust assumes good understanding of the contents and workings of UN politics, and an understanding of the operational environment

The Vision

Security Development Human rights
Security and development are mutual requirements for each other, and neither can be fulfilled without adhering to human rights.

Päivitetty viimeksi: 13.4.2015