International Cooperation

UNA Finland cooperates with other Nordic national UN Associations and those UN organisations that have a Nordic office (UNDP, WFP and UNHCR), meeting with its partner organisations regularly. Cooperation may mean various things: coordinating advocacy work, shared applications for funding, or information-sharing campaigns regarding, for example, development education aimed at schools or organizing Model-UN meetings together.

In Europe, UNA Finland cooperates with other national UN Associations and especially with the United Nations Regional Information Centre UNRIC in Brussels. We meet our European cooperation partners in various meetings that are organized by the European Liaison group consisting of national UN Associations.

The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is the umbarella organization of National UN Associations. WFUNA was founded in 1946 and it has had a consultative status in ECOSOC since 1947. The WFUNA general assembly is organised every three years. Nordic UN Associations usually nominate a candidate for the executive committee together.



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