Capacity building

A central theme in the advocacy work of UNA Finland at the moment is civil society capacity building. In 2015, UNA Finland started a new project in cooperation with UNA Tanzania, to continue and deepen the themes and methods of the The Civil Society Capacity-Building Initiative.

Civil society capacity-building and UN advocacy: strengthening regional and international networks (2015–2017)

The project focuses on mainstreaming the cross-cutting objetives of development co-operation (climate change, gender equality, and reducing inequality) through strenghtening the regional and international civil society networks and better linking them with the UN Major Groups system.

The main methods of this initiative are advocacy work method workshops and participatory video workshops. In advocacy workshops both horizontal and vertical learning are encouraged as participants  share their experiences and practices and deepen the know-how and get support from experienced UN advocacy work professionals. In participatory video workshops experimental learning and reflection are in the centre of action, and PV is used not just  as a tool to produce videos, but as a method to catalyze social change.

The Civil Society Capacity-Building Initiative (2013–2014)

A two year joint initiative between the UN Associations of Finland and Tanzania with the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA) titled Civil Society Capacity Building: Getting Familiar with UN Processes and Transnational Advocacy Work was implemented during 2013 and 2014. The purpose of the initiative was to improve advocacy in global environmental and developmental challenges and strengthen global advocacy networks.

The initiative focused on future sustainable development goals and on implementing the Rio+20 and other relevant UN conventions and agreements. The main functions of the initiative were built on biannual thematic workshops. In addition, network know-how was bolstered through practical participation in political processes, and thematic public discourse was promoted by organizing seminars and other events.

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