Indigenous rights - the Maasai in Loliondo

These short films have been produced in two participatory video workshops in Tanzania. Following the priciples of participatory video, the films have been devised and recorded entirely by the Maasai community members themselves.

The workshops were organized as a part of UNA Finland's Civil Society Capacity-Building Initiative.

Olosho – land rights struggle in Loliondo

Olosho is a powerful video exploring the ongoing land-rights struggle by the Maasai community in Loliondo, from the perspective of those on the frontline.

Maasai culture in Loliondo

"We treasure our Maasai culture, which is why we are struggling to retain it."


Drought in Loliondo

"Our current situation is caused by climate change, which is affecting us badly. Years are passing without rain."


Womens rights in Loliondo

"As women we have the right to be heard."

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